Managing IT Risks

Protecting and securing the integrity of your business and client data is critically important.

In our increasingly mobile and highly inter-connected world, cybersecurity threats come rapidly and from many directions, Managing IT risk can require a multi-layered comprehensive response. ITIT draws on years of experience in systems security to design and implement a cybersecurity framework for your business.

ITIT integrates industry standard security controls into our support plans and as a framework to develop and improve cybersecurity protocols.
We identify and address your business vulnerabilities.

Our ProActive Plus Security Stack not only protects, but also lowers cybersecurity insurance premiums.

Our goal: avert or mitigate threats beforethey occur.

As part of our cybersecurity services, we provide guidance to your business to help create and improve your cybersecurity program to reduce risk and increase security. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We offer a series of cybersecurity enhancements including MFA, SOC, encryption, SIEM, endpoint protection, data loss prevention, user behavior analytics, and log collection.

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